Hey guys, I'm Chase (Lead guitarist) from Bury Us All. Were an up and coming band from Harrisburg, PA. We've opened for Job For A Cowboy and The Red Chord and we also have headlined the local scene. We are trying to get out name out and just have a good time doing it. We are all between the ages of 17 and 18. Any comments would be appreciated. We consider ourselves "Metalcore", but we hate labels, so you tell us. We take music seriously and understand that the metal bands nowadays are a dime a dozen so we try to stand out. Thanks guys. Chase-BUA www.myspace.com/xxfallingthroughxx
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Oh fewk me, Sorry dude, but thats some terrible rhythm guitar tone on the sparta song. Otherwise the songwriting is nice, and yeah fair ****s te ye for opening for them. AND the red chord I see. I'll be adding ye anyways, i'm sure that ye'll be making progress soon

Check out the Deca-riffage