It's all done by me as usual. The song is in my profile. Leave a crit, leave a link, and I'll return the favor.
wow really good cover man, vocals, guitar, drums everything was spot on, and i love the tone of your guitar you managed to nail a great punk rock sound! vocals were great too
stuff in my profile if you want to crit back
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I love this song, and you did a really good job covering it. The vocals were spot on - they fit the style perfectly and sound like the original. As mentioned, the guitar tone was good too.

My only complaint was that the vocals were a little loud. They were good but they didn't seem to blend well with the mix due to the volume. It also gave the song less energy because the guitars were too far in the background. Also, some vocal overdubs would've added some more life to it.

But I guess the main issues for me were just the mixing problems I mentioned. So seriously, nice job, awesome cover!