They are fair in price, so are they any good? People always say Boss and Line 6 pedals are the best, so Im guessing they're most popular and the 2 biggest companies. But what about Behringer?
Behringer is the worst
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You get what you pay for.

It will sound good, if you mean good in an experimental jazz fusion way... I.E fucking awful.

That said, their other musical equipment is great budget stuff, just stay away from their guitar gear unless you REALLY have no other choice.
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They are fair in price, so are they any good? People always say Boss and Line 6 pedals are the best, so Im guessing they're most popular and the 2 biggest companies. But what about Behringer?

in short, they don't compare to boss pedals, but they are still decent, and very cheap. If you be gentle on them(they are plastic) then they will last a while too.

Their other stuff (mixers etc.) is was better, and also very cheap.
yeah some of its fine if you know what your doing...but generally i would shoot higher...if thats all your budget can furnish you with, than its fine for the money
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A select few are not that bad. The Tremelo and Chorus are pretty good. Flanger and Phaser are the only other twow I've tried, and they sounded horrendous
long story short; No.
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Messing about at home = Maybe.
Gigging = Definite NO.

Thier nickname is BehMinger. Pretty much says it all lol.
I've got the Digital Reverb and the Distortion and they both suck. A really crappy, weak sound with stupid amounts of noise. Having said that, I've heard good things about the 7 band EQ.
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I have their optical wah, it sucks big time. After some field modifications its passable for now but it still blows. In its original state it was true bypass until you hit the pedal but when you did there was almost a second of nothing before the wah sound came out. I took it apart and cut the small piece of paper that controls the optical sensors differently, now its on slightly all of the time but there is no delay when the pedal is pressed. It still doesn't have enough range, it quits just when it starts to get good.
I have one of these Behringer-Pedals. Don't buy them.
You'll waste your money... This one I have sounds like **** and the chassis is **** too.
I guess I am going to have to disagree to a point. At one time I had the behringer X-Vamp and it sucked ass. You needed a friggin Masters degree to run the damn thing and you were totally screwed if you lost the owners manual. I sold that and picked up the vintage tube overdrive pedal and really really love it. i ahve tried many Tubescreameresque pedals and like this one the best. Is it better than a Maxon? Uh no but for twenty dollars it is quite impressive before a tube amp. i guess see if you can try before you buy
the X-vamp are not bad, for the price they are great actually, but its very very hard to use

i disagree about the amps thou ! i have a v-tone and i love it, and its NOT noisy in any way, sounds better than some crappy fenders ive played on

i heard that boss sued behringher once for making a pedal sound way too much like DS-1, maybe if you get an older of those lol, dont know if its true
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Behringer are known to be 'cheap and cheerful' but they aren't the best quality. If you're just getting into effects then they're alright. But if you're thinking of Gigging and Band practices etc then you need to spend more money.