Anyone have any experience or idea how well a QSC USA 370 power amp would work in a guitar rack? They are 185 watts for each of the two channels. It is also passively cooled, so I'm not sure if that will be an issue. I haven't really dealt with guitar rack systems, and the main reason I'm interested is because it seems that for the price, if these work, I could get a better system this way.


I was thinking about using them with an Engl tube pre-amp:

Just trying to figure out about how well this would work. Mainly either will it sound like a good amp, would it make a decent temporary solution, or is it just a waste of money without getting a better power amp anyways?

Forgot to add this before: this is mainly for metal/hard rock music (think more along the lines of power metal bands, Rhapsody of Fire, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, etc), but I do need good cleans as well. I am mainly using a Schecter C-1 Classic at the moment, and will probably replace it with an ESP Horizon eventually (both mahogany guitars with Seymour Duncan humbuckers).
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