How is a tuno-matic bridge and stop tailpeice supposed to be set up? Like, how far should it be screwed into hte guitar body? A pic would be nice...

If I screw my bridge and tailpiece in all the way, my action is too low, and I tried to raise the action via bridge screws thingys on the ide of hte bridge (facing the bridge pickup, but it wasn't enough.

Help please
The two thumb wheels on the sides of the bridge will adjust the action, just raise/lower the bridge until you're comfortable with the action. The 6 little screws that face the bridge pickup are for adjusting intonation. As far as tailpiece height goes, it's another preference thing... raising it up will lessen the tension on the strings.

I'll grab a pic in a minute if you need me to
Oh. I didn't know that. I thought that 6 screws were for action. Whops. Ok, well, I'll just try doing that. I won't bother posting the pics unless I still can't fix the problem knowing this. Thanks people.