Me (Bassist) and my friend (guitarist), were arguing about which is more difficult to learn? Slap bass or sweeps on a guitar. I think slap is much more difficult and he thinks otherwise. I've never played the guitar so i dont know how hard sweeps can be. What do u guys think???
what a redundant question
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sweeps definitely... but ive never played bass so i guess u cant really say unless u play both... but i think sweeps would be harder cuz u cant just go ahead and sweep u need to learn your arpeggios and be able to move ur fingers crazy fast to go with the smooth sweeps of ur picking hand
Sweeps are much more difficult, even a bad sweep can be difficul tto learn. as a fairly goof guitarist and amature bassist i can tell you that sweeps are harder. Unless we're talking about people like Stu Hamm and Victor Wooten that is. Slaps is really more of a songle hand technique, you're fretting similarly to how you would normally and slapping with the right hand. But sweeps take learning to use both hands in a fairly new way tht can be very confusing at first. good slaps aren't easy, by any means, but sweeps are much harder me thinks
Being both a bassist and guitarist, I'd have to say sweeping is the hardest.
Slap is about equiv. to vibrato on guitar. Fairly easy to get, but takes a long time to get a good sounding mastery of it.

That said, I'd still say sweeping.
Neither are hard to learn as a pure mechanical motion, what the really difficult thing to is learn to use either in moderation so it sounds good when you do.
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ok my earlier comment didn't really cut it, but it depends what level of sweep or slap u want to learn. Hell if i wanted to try and play some micheal angelo that would be pretty dam difficult compared to some simple slap bass. But then again Victor Wooten **** would be dam hard to learn.

I would personally say that no one can answer this question fairly as no-one concentrates as much time into both areas.
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No question.

I have been playing both instruments for quite a while and I have pretty much mastered both techniques. Pretty much anyone on any skill level can learn how to slap. And it doesn't take to long to conquer.

Sweeping on the other hand, you have to be very skilled with the instrument already. And it can take a looong ass time for people to finally master them. Also, in order to sweep, you also have to learn arpeggios and all that good ****. Slapping you can do it on any note.
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Slapping = not very hard.

Sweeps = took me forever to learn and I still need improvement.
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well im a guitar player as well as a bass player and i learned slap bass like a year ago but i cant play sweeps yet... sweep is waay more difficult...