I saw this Gibson SG Special, was $150 so I'm considering getting it. Is it as good compared to the original?
Gibson or Epiphone?
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Where did You see it? It must be used, so it depends on the condition, do You have some pictures maybe?
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Thats a pretty good deal.
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They are horrible.
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Isn't the order (from worst to best)... SG Special - SG-310 then SG-400?

Apparently the SG-310 is utter crap, so if the special is worse, then forget it
I have the Gibson SG Special and I gotta tell you, it's fantastic, although, I don't know where you're getting a $550 guitar for $150. Must be an Epiphone. But if you have the cash, totally get the Gibson, it's awesome.
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On this forum BC Rich Warlocks are widely considered to be among the best guitars ever made, even better than Les Pauls in some cases.

not always true because if your talking low end, cheap BC Riches, theyre considered by most to be awful.
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piece of made in china crap.

better than a squier or epiphone at that price

And what would you recomend "guitargod"?
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Yeah, I'm a beginner. What about this


Got good ratings, not just cuz it looks awesome.

Nonono, don't get a BC Rich. Go with a G-400 if you like the SG look, its much better quality then the 310.
I've got a 310, it's not bad for a 200 dollar guitar. I personally wish I had gotten a good Squier but thats just because I've found out I am Fender geek. It just needs a good setup out of the box, I was able to lower the action a considerable amount with a little more time spent on it. One thing buying cheap guitars will teach you is how to set up your own stuff, I'm a better tech than a player right now. I will be replacing the pickups soon with something with more soul, the stock ones are better suited for metal.
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On this forum BC Rich Warlocks are widely considered to be among the best guitars ever made, even better than Les Pauls in some cases.

You're being a ****ing idiot. Now this dudes gonna go waste his time trying out a guitar and realizing its ****.
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cant really trust ratings. the majority of the ratings on lower end equipment are just beginners who dont have an ear for tone. Like the majority of MG reviews, lol.

If you are looking for a cheaper guitar, but decent quality, schecter makes some lower end stuff that actually still plays pretty nicely.

Something like the gryphon. nice flamed top, with some usuable pickups. Just my opinion though
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epi G-400 is a great beginners guitar. i still have mine and now keep it in open d for slide and liked it so much that when i upgraded i ended up getting a proper gibson sg special. the difference is clear but so is the price.
i like the epi even if it is made in china.
fat brian, Yeah i changed the stock pups in my g 400, put seymor duncans in there and gave it a whole new lease of life well worth doing, also ended up changing the tone pots as these were crackling like hell after 4 years of playing it.
but to start off with the stock pups are fine