heya ppl...
im pretty new here, and me & 2 mates (drums + bass + guitar & vox) just formed a band, we have no problem with the instrumental stuff, it sounds great imo, but we have lots of trouble with the lyrics... I've had a writers block for like ages, but then this popped up, wrote it in like 20 - 30 mins.
Too bad you can't hear the instrumental work with it it fits really nice

Well ok the song is about a girlfriend, wich was 'just a good friend' for a long time, but a few months ago we had this amazing night (by coinsedence, we were sleeping at a friend's place, not enough beds, so we had to share 1) and i totally fell in love with her.. A few days after that, when i saw her again, she acted like if nothing ever happened (i did call her after that night and told her that i liked her alot etc etc)....and the weekend after that i saw her kissing with some other guy. And i'm just... lost, jealous, desperate, confused and VERY pissed atm .. i'm thinking about her all day long, and it's becoming some kind of obsession....

it's more of a hard, pissed-off song, no soft accoustic crap this time, ANY criticism is welcome

Never expected,
Not needed, but right
I tasted your lips,
I smelled some of your light

And you left the sweetest taste in my mouth
So easily to recognise, had so many other nights
But you taste like home, you taste like perfect bride

And i fought for you
And i cried for you
I’ve died just to hold you in my arms

And i begged for you
And i dreamed of you
I think i’m getting crazy, it’s reactance

And i can’t stand the feeling you’re creating!!!!! ''
...Just to make yourself feel brand new!!!!!!! '' x2

After all i come to realize
And i seem to symphatize
Eva’s actions, the appel is bright
Ignorance is bliss
Let your sin be my life

But a kiss ain’t hard to kiss
Allthough it’s hard to keep
The easiest way is an escape
And you seemed to run, awake


‘It was nothing
It’s allright
Ain’t i your number 25?
It meant nothing
It’s allright’
A **** is a ****
A love is a lie
Time heals nothing
It’s not that kind

**** you (**** you)!!, ''
I don’t need you!!!! ''
**** you (**** you)!!, ''
I don’t want you!!! '' x4

And i wish i could fool myself again
Ow i wish you could trick me again
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Great song man
I have trouble with lyrics to and if i could write like this i could concider myself a genious
yo thx man but i could use some more feedback, any lyric-writing-pro's here who can judge it? As i said, ANY criticism is welcome and probably helping me a lot.
Quote by Spaceeey

Never expected,
Not needed, but right
I tasted your lips,
I smelled some of your light

Sorry I just glanced through, I'm a bit short of time here, but ...paradox?