This is my first attempt at writing a classical song for acoustic guitar...
Opinions/suggestions/free bump, or anything else will be greatly apprectiated.
I really enjoyed that... It reminds me alot of Leo Brouwer in parts, especially bar 29-32... Do you play classical guitar??? If so what are your fave composers... Im rather interested... It has a very modern classical sound to it...

I dont really have any compositions in GP format, just tunes ive done and recorded on my myspace...
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This is some good stuff here, nice work. Your Death Metal influence shows, which I thought was pretty unique. The only problems were the fact that everything was repeated, it kind of got repetitive; you might want to take some of the repeats away. Regardless, I still loved this, 10/10.

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Very good...
Althogh I feel it sounded more like metal rather than classical, at least old classical, because I would say it sounded a little neo-classical (I don't know much about it unfortunately)...

Some parts were repetitive, and I would suggest useing more classical components, like alternate endings, accelerations, etc....

It sounded a little too chromatic in some parts, but overall it was pretty good...