Well, I'm here once more.

This song is actually older than the last 2 I've posted.. But I never posted it. Not sure why.

It's a jazz piece... Although probably not really, but that's beside the point. lol

Best listen is with RSE on due to wah use... Not sure how it sounds without RSE on though. lol

As usual lemme know what you think and I hope you enjoy it. =)
Lol wut.zip
sounds plenty jazzy to me

i don't have much critiquing to contribute but i enjoyed the listen, the ending doesn't seem to complete it though, but that may just be a jazzy thing
i really enjoyed bars 27-32, the lead kicking in was powerful
Damn, that was cool. Had a really laid-back, jazzy vibe to it all the way through, especially that recurring main riff. I do have to agree on the ending. Maybe just having a better resolve on that last guitar riff, rather than it trailing off.

Apart from that I really enjoyed it. Only other suggestion I could possibly make is to maybe have moments where the bass takes centre stage, with the other instruments providing the accompaniment, since it's the only instrument that doesn't get that.
i loved it really nice piece! the guitar piano interaction is well done and fun to listen to. also some good and interesting melody choices that stand out. my only gripe is that maybe in the later parts i found it hard to keep track of where it was going... maybe you could use the bass to keep it a bit more regulated? but other then that good work.
that was pretty awesome, i liked even though the notes looked like a complete mess on the fretboard, they fit together well

overall, a prettty great peice, mabey just a few off levels in volume, but all the writing was great
couldve used more of a solo though
but yeah id say
about 10/10
nothing really bad, only things that could be made better, but what you have is great
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it sounded like a jam session. plenty jazzy, maybe group it in a bit and make it more organised. Sounded as if someone had taken music you hear in a supermarket and injected it with a little testosterone and talent! lol. i like it tho.
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