and asked them if they had a certain guitar around would they lie to me and say no?Should I just go look around in person?
depends on the place
but it's easier to go and make sure you can get a better price before they think to check how much they can really get for a guitar
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If I was a pawn shop, I know I would try and get as many people not to buy things from me as possible.
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Am i missing something. Why would they lie?

Sorry, I'm drunk and Not making much sense.
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if your pawn shop is like mine, it sucks. i went in to look at some guitars to fix up. they had a messed up(no strings, scratches, cuts, no tremolo) fender standard strat for 425 dollars plus tax...
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They wouldnt know anything about guitars, so if you asked anything specific, they'd either lie or tell you to come in yourself.
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They would lie and say they don't. Afterall, why would they want your business.
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just go down and look yourself, most pawn shop owners have no idea what they're selling. they could be selling a made in korea fender for like 1000 bucks, or an american made for 200, and if you start pulling music talk on them and show that you know what your talking about, you'll be able to talk them down to whatever you're willing to pay.
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Am i missing something. Why would they lie?

Sorry, I'm drunk and Not making much sense.

nah, ur making more sense than the TS. why would they lie. wouldn't that make you NOT go, thus reducing their amount of customers?

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