Just thought I'd post this up for laughs....

The other night i was playing my guitar, and I was using a cheap pair of headphones. They're really fuzzy when I use em, but my parents force me to wear em while i play at night. So I was wearing them, then they suddenly got really REALLY fuzzy, and they picked up a radio channel! It scared me at first, cause all i heard was faint mumbling. then i heard faint music playing, so i sat there for a few minutes listening to the last bit of enter sandman on the radio channel, and then after that, i turned my amp off and turned it on, then it was suddenly fine. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?
these threads pop up every couple of days.......

its cool, but WE ALL no about it


But seriously Amps picking up radio is a fairley uncommon thing, i once went to a gig and the 10pm news came through
Yeah! I think I had the same experience like you .

One day I played my "strat" with a really bad-sounding transistor amp and an Behringer-TubeOverdrive . I played with someting like High-Gain-Amplification... Then I stopped playing and heared the news through my amp. I though i was crazy...