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Angela Gossow
19 79%
Johan Liiva
5 21%
Voters: 24.
Which Arch Enemy vocalist do/did you perfer?
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Yeah, Angela ftw, she screams better than a lot of guy vocalists And is hot as ****.
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whos my brother in arms that voted Liiva, if so I'm calling you out brother! huggggggg

Hell ya blood, represent. I always liked his more aggressive approach. Angela's vocals always sounded weak, not commanding, and her lyrics aren't great.
I like web of lies, its a feminine song somewhat, XD i love the intro riff and what not,

but I miss Liiva's style while in Arch Enemy, his other bands dont cut it -vocal wise- ;(
Johan is more aggressive, but his vocals lack any form of gurgle...it's like hearing compressed air. Whereas Angela's growls are ****ing wet...

*awaits Angela + wet jokes*
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Angela is awesome, and hot, whereas Johan was mediocre and just like every other vocalist. Very generic
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oh ffs look past the boobs
plus she only sounds the way she does cause its a she =\

as for Liiva I really dont think he sounds like every other vocalist, given that he didnt do rasps much, nor gutturals, just kinda his own thing... a yell maybe, but not a hardcore bull**** thing =\