I heard the first two verses in an interview, and it really hit me. Heres what I wrote

I have no dream
Therefore whatever happens
Is ok

I didn't come here
To fulfil a dream
I came here
To have fun
All the time

I don't have a plan
For whats later
In my life
And I really
Don't care

I don't know what
I'm going to be
10 years down
The road
In life

Rock on guys, CFC
I really liked this...alot.

I had a flow in my head, and it seemed to be working quite well.

The only thing I would suggest is the last line; "In life". I personally would remove it as it completely trainwrecked my flow (but it is your work, so keep it if it flows for you). Anyways. sorry for the half assed crit, but there isn't many things I need to say except good work.

If you have a chance, look at Atlas in my sig; I've been informed the historical content is inaccurate, so crit it before I delete it. Thanks,