1. place finger on string.
2. pick string.
3. bend string.

what do you need a lesson for?
no. string bending is lterally bending the string up to achieve a higher pitch than that fret has normally.
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basically, if you're not getting the sound you want from the bend, just take a few minutes to experiment with it. you'll eventually get the sound you want.
I assume you want a bending exercise in order to have your bends in tune. Basically play the note you want to bend too (say you want to do a full bend at the 5th fret, then play the 7th fret) then go down to the 5th fret and bend up to the tone of the 7th fret, then to confirm this go and play the 7th fret again. This will really help bending in tune (which really makes solos sound non-sloppy) and also will help a bit with ear training.

If you are looking for something more to the tune of HOW to bend, basically push up or down on the string in order to change the pitch of it. To make it easier use more than one finger in the bending of the string.

Hope this helps.