Hello, I am wondering if a 12'' speaker would fit into my Fender Frontman 25r, which has a stock 10'' crappy sounding speaker. Pretty much just want to know if 12'' and 10'' are interchangable, or if i would have to make it fit, because i've never changed a speaker before, and need to know this before ordering it.
The reason i want to put a 12'' in it is for when i get a 1x12 combo tube amp in the future, i can take the 12'' out of the Frontman, put it's stock speaker back in it, and put the 12'' in the tube amp without buying a whole new speaker for it.

just look at the back of the amp and see if there is enough room, I've never seen one before so I cant help there but when u are soldering the new speaker in make sure your polarity is rite
I've seen amps that have speakers front mounted so the holes there may be strictly for that size. I don't know if that's the case with yours but yea, look in the back and see if you can see the studs or screws.

If your grill is removable then it's most likely front mounted.
a 12" speaker has a 12" radius, but a 10" has a 10" radius. so, if there is an extra inch around the entire rim of the speaker , then it will fit in the amp frame. HOWEVER you will have to cut a 12" diameter hole in the front part of the amp frame, when you take the old speaker out there will be a 10" diameter hole. so the hole will be enlarged so that it will be practically impossible to put back in anything smaller that a 12" speaker. Also the new speaker has to have the same ohms resistance as the original speaker, it should be written on the back of the speaker
^Good answer. I just put an ext. speaker jack on the back of my 25R so my combo can now act as a head to power the car speaker cab I got from my dad (2 6"subs and 2 1" tweeters; sounds freakin' badass). See profile for pics of what I mean...
Thanks for the advice guys. Looking at it now, it will definatly need to be cut for the 12'' fit, so i might as well heave the stock speaker(POOR tone) and get another 12'' for it down the line. I have considered using the amp as a head too, but i don't have any cabs right now unfortunately, but i have tried it at a friends house once and it seemed to work pretty darn good, without the sound totally crapping out at any volume above 3! Been playing on it for 4 months, and it sounds somewhat better from the break in, but not much really. Interesting rig, Jim, wish i could hear it.

Appreciate the quick replys!
Its not really worth replacing the speaker in an amplifier like that. Your best bet would be to save up for something new. No matter how good the speaker you upgrade it with, the amplifier will still sound substandard.

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