hey im new here, so sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but i have a question about my pickups. i just got a new strat hss a few months ago as a gift, the only problem i have with it is the humbucker. its not that is sounds bad...i just have no need for it. my question is is it possible to replace this humbucker with a single coil? if so, does anyone know if this would be an okay thing to do on this model? if this is possible, im planning on replacing all of my pickups with either CS 54s or 69s...havent decided yet. and in case anyone is wondering why i would want to get rid of my humbucker, well...i really only play blues and i would really love to have a single coil on my bridge because the humbucker sound just doesnt cut it for what i like to play...any help or responses are appeciated. thanks
you can but there will be a hole around the pickup cause singlecoils and smaller
yea ive been lookin at SSS pickguards on ebay...in your opinion, do you think itd be worth doing? i just dont feel like a strat should have a humbucker
HSS are a little bit cheaper then a standard fender strat.. and standard strats have three single coils.. youd be spending more money and time to replace your humbucker with a single coil on your HSS pretty much.
i know, but i figure i could probably get $700-$800 max. for my used hss, and thats stretching it. i dont really have an extra 500 to throw into another guitar, and i could get the pickups and the pickguard for 200-250...the big thing im worried about is how this would effect the S1 switch...btw i already have a 62 reissue so im willing to play around with this hss, just a little weary about messing something up by out swappin the humbucker tho
plus if u get a fender strat...its a fender strat...!!!
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how much did you pay for your HSS.. cause a HSS strat and a standard strat should have like a 20 - 40 dollar difference .. their like 400 something
i got it as a gift, and new its around 1000...its the one with the S1 switch....the ones without the S1 switch are the real cheap ones
SSS strats are the exact same price as HSS strats, And as far as I know, HSS and SSS strats are all routed for HSH. There is no difference except the electronics that come stock.

TS: The pickguard shouldn't matter as long as it fits your guitar. You might want to look for one at http://www.guitarfetish.com. I would advise against the loaded ones though... some people dislike the pickups. As for pickups, check out http://www.rockmonkeyguitars.com. The pickups are custom made by corduroyEW here on UG (I think I spelled his name right).

For the wiring, look at the Fender website for the diagrams, I'm pretty sure they have both HSS and SSS configurations there. You'll have to solder a little, but that's not too hard. If worse comes to worst, any guitar shop can install the pickups.
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thanks darth...yea selling this and buying a new one would be a good option if this wasnt used...i figure no one is willing to pay even within 200 bucks of what it cost new, so i might as well experiment with it. its not a bad guitar by any means, i just do not like the humbucker, it irritates me unless im using a lot of distortion....too twangy