Well I'm thinking that a teacher would help me a lot with guitar so I searched about one in my town. I heard some nice recommendations about a guy so I called him and asked about the sessions. The sessions are going to be 1 hour per week.
So my question is this, regarding I don't have another experience on this, is it enough amount of time?
I mean I don't know 1 hour doesn't seem enough for me but I may be wrong that's why I ask for your opinion.
So thanks in advance for your help.
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consider yourself lucky, I only get 30 minutes.

go for it.
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1 hour is good. if i had a choice were i live i would want 1hour twice a week. but take what you can get.
well, you get an hour to work with him on what you need to work on, then you get the other 6 days of the week to practice what he helped u with so you get better
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Take it. I only get half an hour lessons. In that time, the lessons seem unbelievably short, but I can't believe how I've learned. One hour, go for it.
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Ok guy thanks a lot for your replies. I'm thrilled to start sessions.
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