hi guys,

so when i finally got my triangle v.1 clone, i thought i was already done with my board.

BUT... as always, human nature has taken over and i have become discontent.

the culprit is mainly my recently sold BBE Freq Boost. i felt that everything past 5 on the knob is very shrill and thin even on the neck pup of my strat. what i usually do is set the BBE at 4.5 and stack it with my OCD while using the neck pup to get some sort of smooth high-mid-ish drive that is not very ear-piercing.

anyway, im looking for some sort of boost to stack with my OCD. i use a single channel 18-watt Crate v18 112 tube and a strat. my OCD is set to a bit over unity with a little bit of gain (some sort of boost w/a little dirt) with my amp set to slight break-up. i use the OCD for overdrive rhythm playing, and i need something to cut through for some solo parts on med-gain songs where my muff would seem too distorted in a full band setting (keyboards, 2 guitars).

so would a clean boost do the job? or would a treble booster/rangemaster type pedal do better?

ive been looking at some of them like an RC Booster, a Throbak Strangemaster, Keeley Java Boost, and even a BYOC Triboost or a Vox Cooltron Brit Boost. ive also considered a Greer Sonic Boom! or Pork & Beans Boost.

anyone have any more suggestions? i can go up to $200 US/CDN.

i know i should try it out, but for a Canadian immigrant not living in a big city (ie Toronto), its not easy to procure a ride and drive to the heart of Toronto and try them out.

Also, on a different note, does anyone have any experience with a Trotsky Drive from BeavisAudio and Superpuma?

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I use a EHX-LPB-1 for that same application.
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