all right so i bought one of them electro-harmonix metal muffs 2 days ago. its my second pedal, the other is a wah. so im not to experienced with pedals. well the damn thing just stopped workin, the lights are real dim and no sound whatsoever. the only thing that i think could have happened is that i left it connected to my amp and guitar overnight, is that why?? yea im ****ing clueless how can i fix this?
It's probably the battery. My metal muff used to eat batteries up like crazy, like, I'd go through one battery every 4 hours. I finally just got an adapter, which is what I recommend for you to do, unless you have a warehouse full of 9v's and you like constantly changing batteries.
yea that makes sense, but i see only an adapter plug in...wheres the battery??? theres no place to put a battery...my wah has a battery place, so thats what i looked for on the muff, but nothin.
battery should be under the top... if you leave your guitar plugged in the input it'll drain the battery dead. Unplug it from the input when you are done. You can leave the output plugged up though.