im going to get a new amp soon, and ive narrowed it down to a few choices.

1. fender hot rod deluxe
2. fender blues deluxe reissue
3. peavey classic 30
4. roland jazz chorus 120

i play mostly blues (srv), rock (nirvana, foo fighters, pixies, melvins), and classic rock (led zeppelin, aerosmith, etc..), so if you can think of any other amps i should consider that would be great. my budget is around $400-$450. thanks
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Classic 30 or Blues Deluxe. The JC is a really nice amp as well but its mainly for cleans.
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well the bluese deluxe and the deville are baisicly the same amp i imagine the
only diffrence is the cosmetics
i would say screw the fenders because there complete crap for the money
if you got to compare it with the classic
the reason i say they suck is because the cleans of the fenders are on par with the clasic
but the overdrive on the fender is just complete ****

but if you want an amp with bettor cleans and a really nice overdrive
i say get what I got
a Fender Redknob super 60
just ass good as the classic in the cleans(i would say bettor)
and just kills it on the overdirve

but you should really here what other people got to say ive never owned a classic but ive played them quite a while everytme i go tp guitar center
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yah i didnt even think of that
ac15 would be pretty bomb for what you just mentioned there

but im not sure what would be bettor for the stuff you mentioned as i have not much experience with those two amps