I have an Orange Tiny Terror and a Fender MIM Tele. I play mainly blues, some classic rock, progressive rock, funk, jazz, hard rock, etc. The hardest stuff I play is van halen or ozzy, so no metal or anything.
I'm going to buy an RMC Picture Wah, but I'm unsure of what else to get.
I mainly want to be able to switch from clean to overdrive quickly, but I don't want it to be "heavier", just fuzzier. What pedal would benefit me most? I'd need it to be true bypass definitely. I was thinking about an OCD, but I think it will be too heavy and distorted for me. I also thought about a TS808, but it isn't true bypass. I think a USA Big Muff Pi would be good, since it's true bypass and the Sovtek one isn't. The only thing is, from the soundclips I've heard, it seems too fuzzy. I can barely make out the notes! Is it just those soundclips (the ones on guitarcenter.com), or is it just going to be that heavy? Is there a pedal that would suit me better?
A fuzz pedal?
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for van halen kind of tone, u'll want to crank your amp up to the max and use a bridge humbucker to get the twangy tone. cranking helps get that twangy BUT warm tone that eddie has. tubes compress and warm up as you turn it up. if you just can't crank it... meh. i guess u gotta deal with it.
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Why are you so caught up on true bypass? Running a ton of feet of wire doesn't sound that great.

For the fuzz go with a Axis or a big muff.
For Od go Maxon 808 or OCD
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Well the Big Muff doesn't have a lot of mids so it doesn't cut through well.

If price isn't an object, I would suggest a Keeley TS-808. It's modded for true bypass, more AND less gain, and it just sounds super smooth and awesome. And it's a mid boost too so it cuts through great. Highly recommend it.