Just picked up a Danelectro HoneyTone so i could test out the pedals and guitars im working on for people. And i have to say this thing blows my mind. I was expecting junk tone no volume and horrible distortion. But it sounds close to a tube amp and gain for days. I've been just chillin jamming on it haven't turned on the valveking in two days lol

Sure its not a replacement amp by no means, but it got me to thinking. If they can get such a good tone out of this thing why cant they out of your lower end practice amps. Were are people dropping the ball here...

But anyway, if you need a good little goof around amp or just got the money to blow this thing is pretty cool... And only $20 bones...
It's got a belt clip on it so you can attach it on your belt and go to town. Also has headphone out and ac input so you dont have to use the battery for the house. And it handled my EMG 81 with no issues lol
Yea i was actually really surprised the thing has a nice tone to it and can do metal. I even have to kick the gain down to like 6 on this thing because it gets to heavy lol. Its got a vintage voice to it so the cleans are nice and creamy and distortion is warm. Really close to my valveking actually. Maybe its the EMG dont know but it sounds pretty good, you can tell its a small speaker but its still smooth. Only thing i hate about it is the color.. lol