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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Its Good, some of the guitar parts remind of Dragon Force, i really liked the Riff around Measure 100, good luck, keep it up

Yes, poop.
Pretty good, the riffs were all fine and the song maintained a good flow through the different time signatures. What I didnt really like were the random pauses near the beginning of the song, they just seemed a bit unneccesary. I dont like metalcore, but this was still a solid job.
what a great song.. i like all the riffs.. and the time signatures..any lyrics for it??
Decent riffs to begin with, but i agree about the random pausing as stated above, maybe it will sound better with vocals on top though. Maybe the flow of the song and transitions could use some work. Overall though, it's a nice piece for the style you're writing in, which in all honesty i'm not totally fond of. 7.5/10

Awesome riffs but bar 24, wtf? Random pausing lol
The first "Solo" is really cool, but why cut it by a random pause again :P
The riffs are just awesome, I hope there will be some lyrics, that'd be kickass.

Good job, 8/10^^

Cheers for the crit^^
The random pauses did really throw off the song... I didn't feel that they fit at all really.
The riffs themselves were okay, but the choppiness of the song sort of killed it for me.
Most (I say must but I mean all except for 2 or 3) of your time signature changes seem to be for show and are unnecessary.
And your transitions are a little lacking.

The song could be better... But if you took out the random pauses and fixed the transitions it would probably sound a lot better.I really don't mean for it to sound like your song sucks; it's got good stuff in it... That's just how I typed out what I saw. lol

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