I hear this alot when people talk about apregios "Relax the hands" What does it mean, and what should I do with my hands.

Im asking cause Im trying to play stuff like The Human Abstracts, Vela together we await the storm and I can do it kinda fast but not up to tempo yet. Its the apregios that are killing me.

*EDIT* In case you dont know what THe human abstract is this what im talking about.


I know I spelled apregios wrong
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The way I take it if someone tells me that is to not jam your fingers on the frets. Try to just smoothly play it all the way through, more gliding than slamming the fingers. It'll result in a lot smoother and more legato-like style.
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its called

If you're having trouble with that solo take it slower until you can play it well and then increase the speed.