hi i just need help on how to configure my next guitar...
i have an rg350 right now but i not a fan of the tremolo and i want to change to a les paul body...
i love ibanez so i was thinking i should get the art100...
i also want to change the pickups to dactivators cuz i love them after i tried xiphos at my local music shop the other day
the art100 and xiphos have the same wood so i was wondering if it will be the same?

feedback plz and ty

(other options: X2N or D Activator X)
(other options: ESP EC series)
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id probbaly go with an esp. i dont like the look of the ibanez lp copy. plus, the ec's ae beautiful
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i'd go esp too but i mean get what you like
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oh okay thank you for the feedback
but i was wondering if it wil make any difference if i get the ec50 or any higher ones?
im thinking of changing the pick ups so would i make a difference which one i get?
other than the wood and construction type
and for the esps... are the d activators suitable?
sorry for so many questions i want a nice guitar but kinda on a budget... :P

thanks again