Thinking about buying a semi-hollow , my uncle lent me his Yamaha SA500, became a fan of them. Thinking of getting an Epiphone Dot or Epiphone Sheraton because A) their relatively inexpensive and B) They come in left handed models (used the yamaha upside down which was an annoyance).
Have had experience with the Dot, was pretty good. But how does it stand up to the Sheraton?
Also if you know of any other left handed semi-hollows in the $100-$800 range and worth a recommendation list them here.
And Ive considered just getting a right handed one and restringing it but i dont want to be honest, think it looks sort of dumb.
Schecter C-1 E/A?
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I'd go for the Sheraton over the Dot. Sheraton's higher-end, and is bound to be better.

Also consider the Ibanez Artcores, and definitely take a look at the Hagstrom Vikings.
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ive yet to see any lefty artcores. Seen them for roughly the same price as the Dot, look better quality.
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Schecter C-1 E/A?


mine was stolen ourt of my car. I had so much fun while I had it.