I just replaced my high E and B strings on my Epi LP Standard today, (the two thinnest...I broke them 5 minutes apart from one another!) and for some reason, they go out of tune very easily. I'll play a solo or two on the strings, then they go out of tune by about a step right afterward. This has been happening with my E string often before the old string was replaced, but never this severe.

What could be the problem, and how could I fix it?

Any help appreciated. Danke schon!
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they take quite a while to stretch out, its normal. Nothing else it could be.
You need to stretch them - always stretch new strings....just grab them and give them a few good tugs until they stop going flat.

If you wait for them to stretch out on their own it'll take weeks.
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i press down on the string at the middle of the board with my thumb, and at the same time pull up on the string with my other fingers.

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