Note that i actually need whats INSIDE the yellow circles
Thing is i have a electric and acoustic and its been like 4 months since i dropped them slightly and each of them are missing those lil turning-things
on my electric its on the big E and B string

and on my acoustic its on my D string

So is there like any stores online that sell those things

im sorry but i dont know what they are called exactly
No experience with tuning pegs. However I doubt there is many ways to get a bad deal on them.

Try going to the fender site, and looking up under the guitar parts section.
As the above poster states, you can buy sets of tuning-knobs or individually. If you decide to buy all new tuners, look into the differant variations.

There are plain-old tuners like on your axe now. There are also locking-tuners that come in handy for keeping things in tune (nut notwithstanding). There are also differant gear ratios as well.

Good luck to you