My music tends to be hard to label. Recording set up: Keyboard + acoustic guitar + voice + built in Macbook microphone. Simple enough. As for the lyrics, i've been thinking about the morality behind sex, and i had some interesting thoughts. Much thanks to my friends for saying odd things to start verses with.

I'm having issues with leveling the vocals correctly, if anything's too loud or too quiet, let me know.

Crit for crit, leave a link.


(Also, if you like my music/want more, i put it all in my UG profile, just subscribe to the mp3s.)
hrmmm so after i started listening to it i honestly didn't think i was gonna like it lol..but i figured i have nothing better to do why not finish...and i ended up liking it...its catchy in a wierd quirky sort of way..kinda sounds like something barenaked ladies would write...in terms of what i didn't like the only concerte thing i could pick out was some of the vocal lines seemed forced/didint flow well but i guess it kinda just adds to that ....awkward...kinda vibe lol
Sounds kind of decemberistish as far as the melody goes. The intro needs a little more oomph. Like... the piano could use a few more notes. Once the vocals come in, you can go back, but otherwise the instruments are the focus, and it's rather monotonous.

No other comments or complaints. It's good