I changed out a speaker on my Epiphone Valve Special and plugged a guitar in and turned it on and there is only a low hum/buzz that comes out, volume knobs do not change the sound. I tried changing out the preamp tubes nothing changes. Also, I checked all the fuses all of them are good. I believe in the process of changing out the speaker the amp was turned on without a speaker connected to the output, this is what i believe caused the unknown problem. Any ideas on what else it could be? And I've already tried changing cables.
try putting th old speaker back in and see if it does anything. maybe the speaker is broken/wired wrong/etc
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is it connected...? :P
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Yeah, there is sound coming out of the speaker. I tried the old speaker and I also tried the external speaker output which has always worked before and nothing but the buzz/hum comes out.
put the old speaker back in and call Epiphone and tell them there's something wrong. DO NOT mention that you changed the speaker, that voids your warranty.
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Tube amp is a few years old and I am not the original owner. I doubt that I'll be able to do anything with the warranty.