I need some constructive advice for my custom guitar and I couldn't think of a better place to post than good ol' UG. Basically, I want to know if there are any constructive flaws in this design, as I don't want to pay a lot of money for a custom axe, only to have it destroyed and have my guitar's blood on my hands. The body will be made of alder, maple neck, neck-thru construction, 24 frets, Speedloader trem (no headstock tuners), and EMG 81, and 85 pickups. I was thinking flying bat inlays maybe but thats kinda undecided. Keep in mind, my band is an Elder Scrolls based band, hence the Dark Brotherhood reference and Oblivion background. Anywho, here's the pic...
The headstock pointy bits will snap in no time. The knobs are too close together. The rear cutouts will snap if you ever lean the guitar on your leg. The text is too small to be clear.

Who is the builder, and why hasnt he pointed these items out to you? What else hasnt he considered?

Perry Ormsby

Pevious builds:
I agree with Ormsby on this one. Your jagged edges need to be much more robust if you don't want to break them off and the knobs are too close. I'll also mention that at some point in your life you might want to play the guitar sitting down. Most people with V guitars hold it with 1 point of the V over their leg and the other point between their legs. Keep that in mind when you design the thing. A wooden spike poking into your legs isn’t comfortable.
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