www.guitarx.com.au I saw these a while ago and didn't know what to think and I still don't.
On one hand, they are extremely cheap, but on the other they say that it's because they cut out numerous middlemen so their prices aren't in the thousands. You see, they sell out of a warehouse in Victoria, and APPARENTLY you can go down there and try them if you make an appointment or something.
I'll probably drive down there when I get my license, but what do you guys think?
EDIT: Wrong link, hang on
EDIT2: Sorry, it was the right link
Casarossa? nvr heard of it
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Also caught her playing fallout boy on my guitar, changed my strings and cleaned it the next day.
Seems as thought they have a "1 year warranty and 14 day no-questions-asked money back satisfaction guarantee."
I say why not, if you can return it in 14 days?
But I'd go try them first.
First rule of buying a guitar: If you can test it first, get your pick out.
Even if they do cut out these middle men, quality guitars still have relatively high manufacture costs regardless. I'd expect First Act Wal-Mart quality if this is for real.
Never heard of them either, best thing 2 do would b to just make th trip down and see 4 urself.
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