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my names alex. i loved this site, so i figured i'd join.
ive been playing guitar for bout a year now, bass for a half year. i bought my first electric last november, about.

guess ill see you guys around
yo newbies page forum right? well ive just joined like 10minutes ago haha.
ive been visiting this page for ages and it just occured to me that i might decide to join this.

hmm what can i say? ive been playing guitar on and off for about 2 years almost and i wont say im very good at it.

i play an epiphone sg gothic edition

and a white ibanez SZ320ex

I play some really cheap Sears starter thing. I like the color of it. I've only been playing since September.
Hello, I've been playing guitar for 1.5 years and I own an Ibanez GRX20, and Ibanez RG350DX, and some crappy acoustic guitar I got from Walmart way back in the day. I don't know why I have 2 Ibanez guitars from the RG Tremolo series, but I think I may have just wasted my money on one of them :S.
Anyways, I'm happy to have finally signed up for this forum lol..
I really never thought of registering until now, even though I've been using this site for quite a while
hi everyone
i'm Fahad... n known among my friends as commando... they call me coz of my body... i hv n athletic kinda look..
i turnd 20 this year. n i baught new accustic guitar. wid nilon strings. i dono how to tune it n started playin it with my eyes n ears closed. hope to talk 2 u guys sooon...
Aiyoo, name's Kennie.
I've been playing guitar for 7 years, but I've had no professional training whatsoever so I'm stuck with rhythm guitar
My main influences are Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Meshuggah, basically bands that have intense and complex picking.
I'm also a well known songwriter in my school and I can hold my own with bass (2 years), drums (6 months), keyboard (2 years), and singing (3 years).

So yeah, what be happening?
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hello all,

New to the forums, name is Arnaud from NY. I like to play mainly Hendrix, SRV, Freddie King, Johnny Winter, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, the list goes on, and some classic rock. My gears are, Fender Strat, Standard PUs, sunburst, maple neck, 1971 Guild S50, 1975 Alvarez Country Rambler acoustic, played through 80's Fender Champ 12, which I'll be modding soon with some Torres hardware.
hey everybody! I'm Jacob my friends call me jake. I'm 16 years old and I've been playing bass for about 6 months and I'm in a band called Section 8. check out my profile to learn more!
Welcome to UG everyone!

Please read the Rules and the FAQ before posting, they will answer a lot of your questions!

Feel free to ask in this forum if you're confused about anything
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I'm Le Meow, im a n00b (duh) i play guitar (I JUST STARTED) and i like bacon. A lot.
Hey Im lethal dosage. I have been playing guitar for 2 years now. I love classic rock and hardcore metal like Lamb of God. I also like playing my Xbox 360 from time to time and working at my job.
hi, my name's doubleknavery and i'm an alcoholic.
okay so not really. Burpin' Worm kindly directed me to this thread, after i posted my own (headdesk).
i've been "playing" for about 5 years. well, i started playing 5 years ago, *actually* played for a year, and now i'm making a comeback. i played bass in a band for 2 years, and i'm musical, so i'm not a beginner, and i can pick stuff up with relative ease.
i'm into indie stuff (pete murray, brendan benson, etc) rocky stuff (nada surf, foo fighters, etc) and electronica (lol not worth mentioning on this forum).
but yeah. hoping to pick up some tips, riffs, and be active in this community.
I am trying to get back into playing, haven't played in the last 7 years really, maybe more.

I can read music, also played the violin, viola and oboe before I got my first guitar and now I am just trying to get back into it, and hopefully make some better gear choices than I did in the past.
Hey! Well I'm Pierre and right now I'm a bit frenched off as I just typed in a long post and my PC proceeded as usual to crash on me.

So I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, with my family in Amsterdam, Netherlands, even though I'm French.

I've been playing since I'm 18, so three years ago. I have a musically uncultured family so I started pretty much on my own, I'm entirely self taught and not doing too bad I believe. I play mostly Blues though also a lot of metal, punk, ska, rock, country, and everything in between.

I'm a guitar tech and have been doing it for a while now, I have some recuring customers who seem to be happy with what I do. My guitars are my babies and extremely well taken care of and I'd be more than happy to do so for other people's too.

I have a 88 Charvel model 4, a 2002 highway Strat I bought this christmas to myself and a 88 Charvel model 1a which is currently in works...and has been for a couple of years now. None of my stuff stays the same for too long, especially not my guitars. None are original. I usually rewire them and change the pickups as well as do my own setups.

I use a bunch of pedals which I mod too. And I play all this through a Laney VC15.

Dunno what else. I'm a student and I don't really like it...Don't know what else to say. Hopefully I'll contribute and help on here! I'm also a heavy poster on the Seymour Duncan Forums as Pierre and on the JFC, HC, Gear Page, Bareknuckle Forums, DIY stompbox and others... but a bit less.
well im not really new i got banned once for being dumb because i dont know what to say on forums. so im introducing myself
give me some tips on what to say on forums?
hi first post so yaaa and i have no clue what im spossed to do so ya....IVE GOT A GIBSON
Quote by thr_wedge
I am trying to get back into playing, haven't played in the last 7 years really, maybe more.

I can read music, also played the violin, viola and oboe before I got my first guitar and now I am just trying to get back into it, and hopefully make some better gear choices than I did in the past.

i played violin too.
Then i met the guitar.
Hello everyone, this is my first post....I think. I've been playing guitar for like...about 3 months. Signed up for this site not so long ago, but been using the tabs for a while. The only song I can really play is the star spangled banner, but I'm also in the process of learning Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.
Hello everyone.

This isn't my first post, far from it infact. It's just that I realised I barged in without saying hello.

So hello!
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Hey everyone. This is my first post. I've been playing for about two weeks now. Right now, I can play the intro riff's to Smoke on the Water, Sunshine of Your Love and Today. Just wanted to say this is the best site on the internet!!
Hello i'm new here i have played the guitar for 3 months. i have used this page for viewing tabs for about 2 months, so i finally thought it'd be nice to register.
So... Hi!
Right now I feel like a lazy git, so I'll just copy & paste this from some other board I just registered on

Alrighty, I'll get right to the dirt

I'm 23 years old, live in Utrecht, Netherlands and have been playing guitar for a while. Got my first one (an acoustic) when I turned 17 and 2 years later I got my Epi '67 flying V for passing my exams In hindsight I might've wanted a less genre-specific guitar than this, but hey, I was blinded by metal!

So after that I joined a band of my general skill level and gradually started to get a little more serious. 4 years on and we're about to go into the studio to record our very first demo! (alright, we did this once before but it wasn't a proper studio and the result was utter crap) some more info@:

In preparation of this I've decided to record some stuff for myself to get a feel for recording. I'm thinking of recording a song (at first I'd start with covers, later I guess my/our own songs) every week or so (just guitar parts) and putting it on here for feedback, though we'll have to see how stuff works out

Here's my current home-setup, not amazing, but it's what it is:
Epiphone '67 flying V with EMG-85 and EMG-81 pickups in the neck and bridge respectively through a Line 6 Toneport UX2.
Live I use a Peavey 5150-top, with the channelfootswitch that came with it. I know I oughta get some pedals and whatnot as the clean sound particularly is... not so clean, but right now I just don't have the money unfortunately. For rehearsals I've been using our vocalist's Digitech RP50 pedal as a noisegate.

Sorry if I've bored anyone to death with my lengthy introduction post... but I like to be thorough in my explanations of... stuff

Edit: Oh yeah, I love lots of kinds of music, though metal is the most dominant. I enjoy a lot of stuff from all kinds of genres, lately been digging on Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd and Tom Waits a lot, though I also have a soft spot for rap, punk and classical music... so really anything goes
A big welcome to all the new members
Have fun and enjoy your time on UG.
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Hey everybody, I just joined UG after...

Oh, wait...

Anyways, welcome new members.
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Hey everyone...just thought I better say hello before I take more information than I can possibly give back for awhile! Just bought my first guitar yesterday...have no idea what I am doing....but haven't put it down yet! (That has to be a good sign right?) Anyway...hello everyone!

Ibanez AX70
Line6 Spider III
Oh yeah and some really sweet picks....
started on saturday but finding it hard to get ito conversations so ill say hi now !HI! i love wednesday 13 and AC/DC anybody like thease ALOT add me!!!!!!!!
wassup everybody?!
names edd
as in double not funny
so I been using the tabs on this site for awhile and this site is awesome!
so i decided to join
any tips or advice would be cool
add me yo!
Well hello everybody out there, I just joined, like twenty minutes ago and thaught it would be fun just to say hi..
Hello new members!

Welcome to UG! We hope you have a great time on the site.

If there's anything you don't understand, or you have any questions, you're welcome to send me a message and I'll help you as best I can.
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