Im really want to get an active bass. Ive narrowed it down to these two fine basses. I will be using the bass for modern jazz so the low end needs to be thick and warm, and the highs need to be clear and defined (like an archtop guitar). Unfortunaly I cant spend as much time with each bass as id like to due to the nearest dealers being hours away... in opposite directions. I can spend about $1000 so i would have to buy the spector used, but I could get the MTD new. I love the sound of both, but want to hear from the community. I love these hard decisions haha. What do you guys think?
If you can get a Euro Spector for around that price or cheaper, that'd be great. I've seen used Euro Spectors go for around $850 CDN before.

Spectors are always good. They're very well made instruments, and can offer you great playability and tone for almost any situation and genre - extremely versatile.

Can't say much for MTD (never played one, don't know anyone who has), but they seem like well made instruments.

Craigslist is always a good place to get good deals, btw.
I love my Spector, and I know it isn't to the high standards of the Euro LX but I feel, and I think this sums up Spectors in general, that they lack some warm low end. But of course that depends on your EQing and amp, but Spectors excel in the high-end sizzle that they are known for, keep that in mind. But most importantly, try them all out. Look at the US Fender Jazz too.

EDIT: Ah, you said active, why not passive?