Hi. Right now I'm decidingbbetween these two guitars and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I want to play classic rock such as led Zeppelin, cream, the rolling stones, and the red hot chili peppers. Which of these guitars do you think is better for me?

I have small ahnds and I have heard that the lp has a bigger neck so that amy be hard for me. I like the verstaility of the fenders hss and the tone switching. But I lie the look of the look of the lp a little better, especially the quilt top. Which one do you suggest for my needs/wants?
also, if this helps, this will be my first guitar and I will probably get a rolandmicrocube or cube 20x
i have a fender hss and im really happy with it...good tone(although im planning on replacing the pups eventually...not because they sound ****ty...i just want to put lace on the SC's and a burstbucker at the bridge) and i really love the feel of the neck...my younger brother has a epi LP and i've played it a few times...the neck is a little thicker but not drasticlly....i didnt really like the tone as much from it....you should go to your music store and test them both out...then you'll know for sure...but the hss will definitly be able to handle the classic rock your lookin to play....so will the epi for that matter...its all a matter of personal taste
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eah eventually I will. I just ENT to be as narrowed down as possible and I was wondering if any of you had played either through a Roland cube style amp
i played both through a peavey special 212 and a spider something....and i played the hss though a marshall amp at the store...but never a roland...but im sure they will sound fine...your just going to be practicing on it anyway...right?
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I have and love both, except my strat is an American and I haven't played a MIM HSS strat. But I say the strat.
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+1 on the strat
epiphones are terrible guitars, least their solid-bodies
strat all the way
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their both great guitars for different things but for what your doing id say go with the strat, especially for RHCP
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id say go with the strat. I'm actually trading my epi LP for a SSS strat, but nonetheless i think the strat would be better for where you're at right now. i feel that strats are easier to play on so that would be good for you seeing as this is your first guitar
The Strat.

Aside from other points people have mentioned, there's one big flaw with the Epi Classics that means you should never buy them:

Epi Classics were discontinued before the Epiphone production switch over. This means any Classics still being sold are old stock, using the old body woods (lower grade wood, often a mix of mahogany and alder rather than just mahogany in the bodies, the maple caps are thinner, and so on). They'll also have cheaper cast hardware and the metal used in the frets is softer.

In other words, don't ever touch them.

However, the Epi Custom entirely took over from the Classic, and new Customs from the new production lines will use all the right woods, higher quality parts, and so on.
Strat - better guitar and more versatile.
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