I noticed some bands do this. They finish the gig or a song, and no longer need their guitar. So they toss it to someone on the side of the stage. Now I would be scared to do that with a $1000 guitar. I know many of them could go buy a new one, but still. Anybody here ever do this?
id probably throw my LP ive dropped it enough times. That reminds me of the Muse Absolution Tour DVD when Matt throws his Manson Custom into a dumpster after the show and some dude walks off with it. Lucky Bast*rd
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But i mean, ive seen where they throw it at least 15 feet away. Ide hate to be the guy that missed it.
They probably practice catching guitars.

Anyway, that's dumb. Put your own guitar away you lazy bourgeois scum.
It's probably just for show. I would never throw one of my guitars, even if i could go out and buy a new one the next day.
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Because they have the MONEY TO GET ANOTHER ONE. I mean Slash could throw guitars out his ass on stage for christ's sake (and I would take one to the face).
I've seen it done by Ed Roland of Collective Soul. Pretty sweet move IMO.
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