starts with chorus, chorus marked by *

I look in the sky and I see the fires*
I felt like a coward and I killed all my squires*
They never should have trusted me*

I tore out my throat
I dont give a s*** anymore
I can't even see the light

I tore out my eyes
I have no ambitions
I just wanna bleed my pain away

Forever I have waited
Forever I shall suffer
Why did I even try?


I tore out my soul, I have bleed all the pieces
I tore out my throat, I have delivered the reasons
I tore out my eyes and I have seen the the truth

they should have known the truth in my darkness
they should have tried when I hunted them down
why could'nt they have seen my shadowed self?

F*** All The People And F*** All The Children
I Am Their Lord And They Shall Suffer
They Should Have Seen It Coming To Them


The end is now, surrender your life to me
The end is now, theres no salvation here
The end is now, i will make you pay
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i like the chorus...but thats it...srry...i like stuff to rhyme...
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