Heey guys,

I need new strings, but tomorrow it's my first time playing in this new band and I want to use my 5-string. But the strings which I normally buy need to be used for like a week before they sound good (normally I buy stainless steel roundwounds). Do you guys know which strings will sound good immediately??

I have like 35-40 euro's to spend
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im guessing u have enuf cuz i dont kno euros but ernie ball bass strings rule man n they r like $25 USD...which kinda pisses me off...cuz i hardly ever buy bass strings n just pay like $8 for my 7set n then a 5set is $25!?!?! WTF? but they r really good
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The key is to get your normal strings and just play them mercilessly as soon as you put them on, and maybe get a little sweaty first.

If you have no time, the strings will just be brighter so take all the higher frequencies down to suck out that new string tone a little.
Yeah, if you want strings that die quickly, Ernie Balls are your thing (see what I did there?). I would honestly buy your normal strings and just play the hell out of them when you get them on. You don't want to be using unfamiliar strings in a new band.