what do you guys know about it one of my mates has a sky blue one of these with a maple neck and fretboard its in passable condition...

any info is welcome
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Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I've been trying to find information on this guitar also!
I have one and it's in perfect condition.. Just needs some fret cleaning and it's done.

This is the guitar: http://www.wikizic.org/Aria-Pro-II-SL/gallery-1.htm

That is not mine though (mine is red, with a V2 bridge pickup - the old owner prolly changed the pups), I just found that one online.

All the information I could find was that most of Aria guitars are Japanese and their serial number starts with the year, so I got one from 1981! =D
And apparently the SL series are supposed to look like SGs? But mine is nothing like one... lol