Alright. Found some great deals today, have a few questions. I want a guitar that can play everything pretty much, maybe not so much super hard stuff but I like everything from CCR to a little country to Satriani, etc.

Fender MIM Strat. Great price. Thought I'd get a new pickguard eventually and put at least one humbucker in it for more versatility.

Ibanez RG321-Been finding these for around $200.

Epi G-400. Like it, know it's a good axe for the price but my bro has one already and I'd like to get something different. If it's the best guitar I could probably get over it. Seeing these used for around $200.

Other? Trying to keep under $250 used. Might, might be able to stretch that a bit if I can get my parents to add part of my tax refund to what they're gonna pay (Birthday present )
go for the strat, but get the HSS model
g-400 are usually neck heavy, especially the lower end ones (like the one you would get)
an ibanez is an ibanez, thats enough reason not to get it
You can't go wrong with a good used MIM Strat..... by far the best guitar from your list.
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