whats the best way to connect my mic to my computer through my preamp, line in or mic input? whats the difference?
Mic. Line in is for signals that are already at a sufficient level. Mic in is for inputs which need boosting up to line level.
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thanks fridge_raider, i am just about to set it up. which one should i use with my preamp, thanks m8
Well, it should be line level as I understand, as you will have already boosted the signal with the preamp. What pre do you have ?
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the art tube mp,

cool, ive got it working, nice one.

To get a different sound with the pre amp do i have to just use trial and error because you cant change it once youve recorded it and you cant hear what it sounds like until you have recorded it.
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ahh i think mic sounds better to me, you kinda get more of the amp tone and drive. With Line in, it's just preamp with the drive or something, it sounds more fuzzy Line In. With Mic, cleans are hotter and drive doesn't max out and fuzz all over but that's MY soundcard

Try em both, see if you notice diff mate!
get a better soundcard, i can hear my stuff live and all, that's what i do most of the time, put on nice semi driven clean and play with earphones, i can hear guitar ringing out and through earphones, nice feel

get some cheap Creative one, 40 AUS, less US
Getting a Creative Soundblaster card isn't going to improve the quality. With a decent preamp like that, you should really be going into a soundcard designed for recording.
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Do you have any tips too get a better sound from my preamp or maybe tips for settings on my computer, i can get a decent sound but i would like it be louder, i just turned the two knobs on nearly full and the +20 gain button on.
Do you think i should get a better sound card, would this improve the volume and quality of sound, can u recommend a good one. (my computer is a dell dimension 2400, and its about 4 years old)
Try a little compression and then normalize the audio after its recorded, this will take down any peaks or spikes and boost the overall volume.

A PCI interface card would help a lot too though.
I run the m-audio 2496 and like it.

I say go for either the 192 or try to save up a little more for the 1010LT. The Emu 0404 is a nice card as well.
Run the output of the preamp into one of the inputs of the card.