So I've never really listened to him much but I thought I'd give it a shot, and his version of Little Wing blew me away

What are some of his best songs, I'd like some recommendations please.


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empty arms is good and pride and joy

EDIT:and vodoo chile
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ahh so so so good
so sad that he passed away Crossroads with SRV and JV, wow!!!!
but it did make his music HUUUUGE ala with Hendrix
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Change It
Cold Shot
Pride And Joy
Texas Flood
Tax Man
Couldn't Stand The Weather

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Cheers guys, I'm gonna download all of them now

Also if you can, get the "SRV live at El Mocambo".
It's the only show that I saw of him, but people over here say that it's SRV at its peak. His best gig.

get the whole texas flood album. its the only album i have by him, but its amazing.

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For some of his jazzier stuff try Lenny and Rivera Paradise
others I also like in no particular order.
Pride & Joy
Cold Shot
Texas Flood
Voodoo Child (cover)
Rude Mood
Tin Pan Alley