i think he is amazing, so do most people that know him...
but i dont think hes that well known, so hes not underated, just not that well known
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whos matt belemy?

that guy from muse is allrite tho.

tbf theres not a lot of solid riffage going on, its mainly him making wierd noises on his guitar, or pwning on keys. he relies heavily on f/x which i think prefents sheer guitar awesomeness coming through at times
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Nope. Plug in Baby? I love the way he uses that touch pad thing on his guitar too

EDIT: I meant yes, I should read threads thoroughly!
He's definitly not underrated, maybe a little over when it comes to the press.

"he relies heavily on f/x which i think prefents sheer guitar awesomeness coming through at times"

Think this guy's got it spot on
i don't think he's over rater or underrated
And i wouldn't say he 'relies' on his effects

There's no crazy effects on the absolution album,
And listen to the acoustic stuff, he's an amazing guitarist, and pianist, and singer
The effects are there to make them sound different and unique, which i think is acomplished to be honest

Tell i'm a muse fan? aha
He's a spectacular pianist and has an incredible range as a vocalist, and is a pretty innovative guitarist. Not nearly as innovative as Tom Morello, though. And also, take it to the Muse thread.
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Muse thread much?

And he doesn't do anything that hasn't been done before by Tom Morello.

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I reckon a lot of fans overrate him. Sure, he uses a lot of effects, and I think to great effect, but with the amount of gear he has he could be even more original. I agree with TomR that he sounds good without effects as well though. He's not a shredder (which isn't a good or bad thing); he puts a lot of energy and emotion into his guitar playing; in general, it sounds good. He's got great stage presence. But... as amazing on guitar as some hardcore Muse fans seem to think he is? Maybe not.

On the other hand, considering the talents on guitar, keys, vocals and (especially, in my opinion) composition that he has all in one person, he's an amazing musician.(Yeah, I'm a Muse fan.)
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He is more than a Tom Morello fanboy. Morello cant touch Matt on the melody level. Matt cant reach Toms level on innovation either though. They both have their strengths, although I believe Bellamy can span the genres, where as Morello would struggle
Matt is ok. He's not mind blowingly brilliant though. His playing lacks the emotion of others (eg Frusciante, Claption) and SBH is a blatant rip-off of Hendrix. He is unoriginal but does have good technical ability.
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Muse thread.
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