Well i am like totally in love with orchestra's at the moment. They are just so freaking cool. I am also totally in love with instrumentals. Now i have heard a little bit of orchestra music but most of it has Operah in it and i don't really like operah. So what are some instrumental orchestra's?

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buy Metallica's- S&M and listen to the Nothing Else Matters. It's beutifull fully equipet with orchestra. My mum hates metal but man she loves that song.
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because there is also a gibson squire, and they don't want to get them confused
Coplands fanfare for a common man, or Appalachian Spring
Any Hazo piece
AlsoSpratch Zarathustra
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No. Argument if i hear fall out boy i get so angry i am more likely to kick someones ass than when i listen to iron maiden

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****ing Coheed freaks...

zune. i <3 my turd brown 30 gig.
yeah S&M gives a good bit of that. im a bit musically retarded so i cant tell the difference between all those old style things like symphonies and whatever, but im pretty sure sgt peppers has a few songs with an orchestra in them. theres also kasmir by led zeppelin, but i think thats just strings. as far as instrumentals, check out some out pink floyd like "a saucerful of secrets" and "echoes", and if your a bit more metal orientated, call of ktulu and orion are a couple of good metalllica ones to check out.
For actual orchestral music:

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Sound Theories-Steve Vai

Great background orchestra
The Pit. The Movie.
Tchaikovsky all the way. And of course, the classics that you've surely heard of: Beethoven, Bach, Haydn...ect

Almost anything written for the said ensemble before the 20th century.
more leaning towards instrumental rather than orchestral, worlds end girlfriend.

the song scorpius circus is amazing.