Ok, I got my guitar 1 year ago. Got a guitar book to with it which taught me all the basic open chords, so I practiced and practiced them and now I am pretty fluent with chord changes..but this is where it ends. I know pretty much nothing other than chords..and a few basic riffs and intros to songs.

I think the problem is that I don't know how to practice or what to practice from. I've got 3 guitars lying around my house but I rarely pick them up...because I know I'll just be practicing the same old chord changes and riffs - and thats what I do.

Theres just so much to learn but I just dont know what to learn and where to learn it from. I have the dedication to sit down and practice because I want to be a good guitar player...but I dont want to practice..because Ive got nothing to practice. I usually search around on youtube for some video lessons but I never find anything complete..there is just a mish mash of lessons with no real structure.

Now, I realised something had to be done so I had a look around on the internet for some books and I found the Troy Stetina Metal series Here

It starts of with rhythm and moves into lead. If I put in enough practice..will I come out being able to play guitar pretty well? Or is there any other books or sites that offer a complete "course" and teach you most of the techniques you need?

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i have the 'speed mechanics' book by him, its got some pretty decent stuff.

but by the sounds of it if you start learning theory, scales etc you could build up your lead skills and move onto learning a whole new load of stuff
It might be worth it to get a teacher. I'm all self taught, and now i'm forever destined to be a rhythm player, i just didn't learn lead properly. I suppose i do need to start back up trying to learn..