I made a list of guitars that are in my price range and that I like the specs and style of
I'm looking for any suggestions from players that know there way around a guitar
and that can tell the difference between a decent guitar and just a fair 1
I'm not having much luck looking up reviews

so that's why I'm asking for help here, any other guitar suggestions not on my list are welcome also
but I would like to stay in similar stats/price range thou
I haven't been to a guitar shop to check these out in person yet, so some mite fall off the list then
I'm just trying to get it narrowed down some b4 I go

here is the list
Ibanez arc 100, rg 321, arx 30, sz 320, sz 520, sz 720
Shecter omen 6, gryphon, C-1
Washburn x 30
Dean vendetta 1

my styles of music playing vary greatly, I'm just wanting a well made guitar I enjoy playing
if any of you have experienced these guitars and feel that any of these are not worth the money
or are a bargain for the price please let me know

I know I can change strings/tuners/pickups later on to fine tune it to what I'm looking for
so plz don't let them parts alone be a deciding factor on your choices

I also haven't picked out a amp yet, so there is no problem with getting 1 that sounds good with it
hopefully when I do decide on the guitar, you all can help me decide on a amp lol
sorry for the book, thanks for reading it and your opinions
Deleated, sorry miss read your post.
I wish I had tallent and ability.

Squier Vintage Modified Strat, Black with laquered 70s neck
Farida FLP-26
Vox VT20+
Ampkit for iPod
Jamvox (not impressed)
Out of those guitars you listed, I'd go for the Ibanez SZ720. I've tried one out before and I thought it was an excellent guitar for the price. Light and well balanced, the sound was incredible too. No trem to mess around with, it's just straight up hardtail.

What is your budget?
yeah i played the sz720 also, and felt it was a pretty nice guitar
but i wasnt able to play it for very long or compare it with other guitars at that time
my price range isnt really set in stone yet
altho it will be under 1k, prolly more in the $500 range or so