I have a late 70's or very early 80's era (I believe) Epiphone electric guitar with a steel neck. The guitar was made in Japan (or at least the bolt on neck was - it says made in Japan). It has a bolt on steel neck to a wood body. The body is roughly the shape and size of a strat. The color is a sunburst red on the outside with a yellow glow color in the middle. It has a three way pickup toggle at the bottom of the body. The tail piece and bridge are gibson les paul style. Comprised of two humbucking pickups. Four nobs on the bottom of the body - volume/tone volume/tone. Rosewood fretboard.

Can anyone help with regards to model identification? I've looked all over the internet but have been unable to find anything. It does have a number of the neck: 1041803. That number appears on the steel plate used to bolt the neck to the body.

I bought this guitar used from a friend for 100 bucks back in 1981 I think. Don't know where he got it and have not seen him for years.

Thanks for the help.
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