I thought it would be a good idea since people quite often ask what bass they should get that we compile them into best value and quality for budget allowed.

This way, people who are thinking of buying a bass but have not got a clue can have a quick reference as to what they should buy.


<£100 (<$200)

£101-£200 ($201-$400)

£201-£300 ($401-$600)

£301-£400 ($601-$800)

£401-£500 ($801-$1000)

£501+ ($1001+)

I'll update the list if we get any suggestions.

P.S. I know the exchange rate isn't quite perfect/may change/stuffs cheaper in US but its the closest I can get.
I play guitar, but schecter pretty much makes great gear for $500-$800.
I'm guessing that was sarcastic?

If it was, I couldn't find anything and there's obviously enough people that don't look at it to post in this forum instead.
I can't be bothered to argue with you, so I'll refer you to the rules.
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Rule #7: Forget about the ultimate bass thread.
This concept will never work - everyone posts reviews... thats what UG reviews are for. The Ultimate Bass thread will be in the archives once I get it moved.
If you want to ask what bass to buy, ask it.
If you want to ask what cab is better, ask it.
The reference thread is still there... but that's exactly what its for. REFERENCE. It's not a new thread killer.