I'm looking to buy a guitar to use for playing blues-rock, kind of black keys style stuff, any suggestions on what'd work well?

I wasn't looking to spend much at all really as it'll only be used for that

I was thinking maybe something like an epi sg?

all suggestions welcome
maybe a strat.

an epi sg would also be good. i have one and its really and you can get some pretty nice blues tones out of mine. i think epiphone has some quality control issues though so be sure to try out the guitar you buy (aka dont order online.) But the MIM strats single coils give you a pretty good blues sound and i think the epi sg and mim strat are around the same price range
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i actually have a fender strat already, but i just thought maybe the tone on that isnt quite beefy enough for some of the heavier blues tones, but maybe i should experiment more with amps rather than guitars possibly?
I bet you'd like an Ibanez Artcore AS73.. looks, plays, and sounds just like an ES-335. IMO I can get a really good blues tone out of mine.


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Id say so. Strats are typically known for their ability to play the blues well. Maybe you just need a different amp, or maybe try messing with the EQ on your amp or something.
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Ok if you want a more beefy tone then I think an epi sg would be a good choice because it has humbuckers and its great deal for the price. Or maybe an epi les paul too, epiphone is a good brand for your price range.

or you could get a hot rail stacked pick up and put one on your strat and then get a new amp with the rest of the money
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yeah ill have a mess with my amp, anyone got any opinions on the boss bluesdriver pedal too by the way?

those artcores are very good looking, might look into that, since they have the humbuckers itd give me a different sound, just seen a video on youtube of someone playing one too, sounds nice
amp=80% of tone

amps matter more unless its a tube.
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